How to Become a Certified Health Plan Hero

Health Plan Hero companies have adopted innovative benefit design features

  • Expanded patient access to care
  • Lowered patient out-of-pocket costs
  • Lowered employer spending at the same time

And are more competitive because they:

  • Attract and retain top talent in a tight labor market with richer benefits
  • Have a healthier and more productive workforce
  • Save significantly on health care compared to competitors
  • Enhance corporate reputation with the use of the Health Plan Hero logo and publicity from receiving the award
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Criteria for Nomination

  • Providing care that is built on human connection, such as:
    • Advanced primary care
    • Concierge member services hotlines with expanded hours
  • Helping patients navigate to high-quality, low-cost care
  • Advocating on the patient’s behalf with doctors and hospitals
  • Ensuring the highest-value care is either free or nearly free, and educating patients about it
  • Offering benefits designed to incentivize (and pay for) health care overall, with an equal focus on preventive and sick care
  • Dedicated to lower drug costs and making sure patients get high-value treatments
  • Employers acting as wise fiduciaries, with financially sustainable plans that keep patients’ out-of-pocket costs in check

How Can My Company Get Certified as a Health Plan Hero?

Applications are accepted and certifications are awarded on a rolling basis

With all awardees being invited to a ceremony in their honor in Washington, D.C., each Spring.

Ask your HR department if the company is a Health Plan Hero:

I think our company’s health plan should undergo review by Patients Rising and be considered for the Health Plan Heroes award. The award is the gold standard for employee health plans that both save employers money and also dramatically increase access and affordability for patients. Please consider applying on behalf of our company.

Job Seekers:
Ask recruiters if their company is a Health Plan Hero: 

Has your company ever applied for or been awarded the Health Plan Hero award program by the nationwide grassroots organization Patients Rising? As you may know, the award is the gold standard for employee health plans that both save employers money and also increase access and affordability for patients.

Not Ready Yet? We can Still Help you company make Heroic Improvements

Let’s face it, most companies are not yet Health Plan Heroes. Patients Rising is ready and willing to help companies who want to improve their health plans, whether in big or small ways. If you’d like to receive a free expert assessment of your health plan, with recommendations for how to take the next step, whether more or less aggressive, reach out!