Waterford Union High School

Waterford Union High School is a public high school located in Waterford, Wisconsin. The school has 99 employees currently using their health plan. Prior to transforming their health plan in 2023, they were fully insured and experiencing consistent rate increases.  They suffered an 11% increase in 2022 and a 15% increase in previous years. Since switching to a self-funded health plan, they have reduced their per-employee annual spend to $3,300 – a savings of 18.5%.

In January 2023, Waterford transitioned to an innovative benefits design that rewards patients who use a custom-built network of direct contracts with the local hospital systems. Their health plan uses independent, high-quality vendors for third-party administration, pharmaceutical benefit management, specialty drug solutions, and healthcare navigation. They utilize an employer-owned co-op called The Alliance for hospital and provider contracting that helps control costs and improve access to high-value care. Patients who access care through these contracts pay zero in most cases.