Midwest Carriers

Midwest Carriers is a second-generation, family-owned trucking company headquartered in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. With 138 employees on the Health Plan and nearly 200 total eligible employees, Midwest Carriers has experienced a transformation in their Health Plan since late 2021. They have been a choice partner to many companies for their transportation needs from local and yard spotting services, dry truckloads, shipping brokerage, project management and freight and refrigeration services.

For the prior three years to hiring an independent, fee-based, transparent benefits advisor, they had struggled with a rollercoaster of expenses. Their spend in 2021 had eclipsed $1.8M annually on plans that had $3,000 and $4,000 per individual annual deductibles. Premiums had been skyrocketing and drivers, in particular, were struggling to keep up. While their culture had always drawn loyalty, the benefits had become an inhibitor to employee retention.

In mid-2021, their executive time sought a better way. They began the transformation by hiring a new independent advisor and implementing a nurse navigation program before the new plan year. In January 2022, they completed the transition to an independent TPA with a plan that offered a $1,000 deductible on major services and copays for office visits and prescription drugs. In addition, with projected savings, they were able to reduce premiums by 10%. By the end of the first plan year, they had seen $289,310 in medical and pharmacy savings through the nurse navigation program. That was a 17.6% savings to the company.

Through these advances, the Plan was able to fully remove its deductible and further reduce its premiums by over 20% in 2023. Today, members can access $0 specialty care and medications through the nurse navigation program. This has benefitted members like one driver and his spouse who had multiple knee surgeries done, all at no cost. The members received care navigation support to local outpatient surgery centers with high quality marks and fair, bundled pricing. The nurse navigation program has even coordinated cutting edge therapy services to expedite recovery that would otherwise be excluded from plan coverage.

Prior to these changes, Midwest struggled with consistent premium increases, high deductibles, no member support and guidance and a Health Plan that was misaligned to the company’s values. Multiple members have remarked to company leadership that this is the best plan they’ve ever had. The new benefits have even been cause for competitors to reach out to the advisor asking for help to fix their Plans.