Cosmos Corporation

Cosmos Corporation is a mission-centered, family-owned and operated manufacturing company headquartered in St. Peters, Missouri. The company began as a beauty product distributorship in 1980 and has since grown into a global manufacturer of personal care, pet health and wellness, and household cleaning products. Cosmos has 137 employees currently using their health plan. Prior to transforming their health plan in 2022, they were fully insured and suffering 15%-20% increases year-over-year. Today, they have reduced their per-employee annual spend to $5,406 per employee – a savings of 45%.

In October 2022, the company transitioned to an innovative benefits design that rewards patients who use a network of direct contracts with the Local Health System based on a percentage of Medicare. Their health plan uses independent, high-quality vendors for third-party administration, pharmaceutical benefit management, specialty drug solutions, and healthcare navigation. They also utilize a hybrid direct primary care model through Rezilient Health, which provides their members with consistent convenient care. Patients who access care through these contracts pay zero in most cases. Cosmos Corporation employees have also been able to obtain their medications at significantly reduced rates. For example, a member was able to receive their Ozempic medication by international mail order for $0.