Meet a Health Plan Hero

John Soules Food

Industry: Produces Ready-to-eat Delicious Meals for Individuals and Families 
Number of Employees: 2000
Headquarters: Texas

John Soules Foods is a family owned company that provides great tasting beef and chicken through retail sales, food service distributors, restaurants, and school nutrition programs. Their customers love them for their simple-to-make, mouth-watering fajita products.  John Soules Foods is the #1 producer of beef and chicken fajitas in the U.S. with more than 2,000 employees in 3 locations – Texas, Georgia, and Alabama.

John Soules Foods was facing increasing specialty drug costs and increasing claims cost year over year as well as thousands of dollars in cost-sharing on patients before the plan coverage kicked in.

Starting in January 2019, the company switched to an innovative benefit design that rewards patients who use a relationship-based direct primary care program to help with provider selection, second opinions, scheduling, care management, specialty medications, and clinical support. Patients who access care by partnering with the DPC program have their cost-sharing reduced to zero in most cases. This process is managed by a transparent, unconflicted benefits advisor & her team, who designed the plan around employer/employee goals and no other interests.

The plan uses independent, unconflicted, transparent and high-quality vendors for third-party administration, pharmaceutical benefit management, specialty drug sourcing, and local, custom built network of high quality providers. 

Plan Highlight

In the first two years of the plan, John Soules Foods saved 35% on their claims cost and 20% on their fixed costs – while simultaneously offering patients a re-humanized health plan that leapfrogs access barriers, handholds patients through complex care needs and high-cost drug sourcing – all while eliminating or dramatically reducing patient cost-sharing.