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Meet the 2023 Health Plan Heroes

Midwest Carriers

Midwest Carriers is a second-generation, family-owned trucking company headquartered in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. With 138 employees on the Health Plan and nearly 200 total eligible employees,

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Faulks Bros. Construction

Faulks Bros. Construction is a third-generation, family-owned company headquartered in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Their services vary in application and project scope aimed at supporting commercial and

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Cosmos Corporation

Cosmos Corporation is a mission-centered, family-owned and operated manufacturing company headquartered in St. Peters, Missouri. The company began as a beauty product distributorship in 1980

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Tenax Corporation

Tenax Corporation is a Baltimore, MD company specializing in netting and fencing, pipe protection, construction, agricultural and gardening solutions. They have funded their own health

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Horizon goodwill

Horizon Goodwill is a Hagerstown, MD charity that provides work and training opportunities to the community. Prior to 2020, Horizon’s health plan provided coverage to

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Allegheny Wood Products

Allegheny Wood Products (AWP) is a privately held hardwood lumber company based in Petersburg, WV but located throughout West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.  The company

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Dupre Logistics

Dupre Logistics is a diverse provider of logistics services spanning from fuel hauling, energy logistics, dedicated delivery, 3PL, to brokerage services. The company is regarded

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Meet the 2022 Health Plan Heroes

John Soules Food

John Soules Foods is a family owned company that provides great tasting beef and chicken through retail sales, food service distributors, restaurants, and school nutrition programs.

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Woodard Cleaning and Restoration

Woodard Cleaning and Restoration is a family-owned business in St. Louis, Missouri that began in 1946 when Earl and Nancy Woodard began to offer their customers in-home rug cleaning door-to-door, an innovation at the time.

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Shine Solar

Shine Solar is a solar panel home solution company headquartered in Arkansas and operating in three other neighboring states and Utah. The company has 85 employees using the health plan, and prior to transforming their health plan, the company was paying over $600,000 per year to United Healthcare…

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Matheny Motors

Matheny Motors is a family owned company of automotive and truck dealerships, headquartered in Parkersburg, WV with more than 300 employees in 12+ locations across 5 states.

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Kenny Pipe & Supply

Kenny Pipe & Supply Inc. is a family-owned, 130-employee, wholesale plumbing, pipe, and valve distributor based in Nashville, Tennessee. The company had been on a carrier-controlled, self-funded plan for a number of years, however, with an aging population and growing company, the health plan began it see costs spiraling out of control…

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Schaefer Autobody

Schaefer Autobody is a collision repair company operating in numerous locations in the St. Louis, MO metro area. With almost 150 employees, the company was paying an outrageous rate with Anthem BCBS of about $2M a year, including more than $13K per employee per year.

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Case Studies Featuring Health Plan Heroes
Case Studies

2022 Health Plan Hero award recognizes businesses with high-value, low-cost health insurance plans for employees.

Six small businesses from across the country are among the first companies ever to receive a national award for their innovative, outstanding employer-sponsored health program. The companies received the 2022 Health Plan Hero award in a ceremony held in the Washington, D.C. area.

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Why Should My Employer Be A Health Plan Hero?

Health Plan Hero companies have adopted innovative benefit design features in their health plans that:

As a patient, you may have had the opportunity to choose a job based on the benefits package that really works for you. If you are happy with your plan’s benefits and find value in the way your health insurance is structured, you can nominate your company to be a Health Plan Hero.


Now Accepting Applications for Next Round of Awards

Patients Rising accepts applications for its Health Plan Hero certification on a rolling basis throughout the year.